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Blondie.g.d. is a London-based singer/songwriter/tune-maker from Greece.
Her debut album Dramatic Theories is produced by King Elephant. She composes & writes all her songs.

Her music style is called 'Drama Effect’ & she enjoys the use of role-playing in music styles, lyrics & voice.

It’s not pop, it’s ‘larger than pop’ & trip-hop. Blondie.g.d. will start gigging in London in 2014.

Blondie.g.d started composing her own music on the piano at the age of 15 when she was still in her hometown Kalamata, Greece.

Her influences were the mainstream 90s pop as well as the music her parents listened to like Janis Joplin, Dire Straits, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Italian-French pop music. She did not really feel particularly influenced by the rock genre until her younger cousin created a punk rock band and performed at a huge youth Festival in Athens.

For a long time after she was listening to punk rock bands like Dead Kennedys, Rancid but also bands like Muse and Radiohead. She temporarily abandoned the piano and turned to keyboards in order to experiment with different sounds and be able to produce ‘complete’ pieces of music with sounds of guitars, drums and bass. At the age of 17 she created a MySpace account and uploaded her raw improvised melodies that she recorded through the Windows recording tool and the MSN microphone. There were many visitors on her page and that encouraged her to make a proper band.

In 2007 she moved to Athens and in 2008 she met the Pilots (Thanasis Alexandris and Kostas Vasilopoulos). She wrote lyrics and sang their compositions, they helped her arrange and perform hers and they wrote new songs together.

They threw a great number of gigs around Athens for two years under the name ‘Blondie.g.d and the Pilots’. They performed live in venues like Six D.o.g.s, An Club, Afterdark and appeared on Mad TV (Greece’s music channel) as well. At the same time she participated in a smaller project along with Aris Diamantis and King Elephant. That project was called Cry Baby.

After that she went to Berlin for six months and when she got back she spent time working on her personal project as blondie.g.d with King Elephant as a producer. One month after her return, the site Jumping Fish voted her song ‘Slave’ as song for the month May 2011 and that provided her with both wider recognition in the media and will to continue recording her music. She performed live only once more at Bios where she opened along King Elephant for Gonjasufi.

They were recording her songs at a very slow pace and they finished her album in September 2012. At the same time she accompanied her friends The Verge (ex No Profile) as a guest in some of their gigs.

She moved to London in October 2012 to continue her studies in Arts Administration and Music Management at Goldsmiths. She is currently looking for a band to perform the songs of her debut album Dramatic Theories.


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